It Takes A Rainbow is a one-act musical, with a duration of about 45 minutes.

Casting Requirements

See the Production-Info page, please.


The story tells the tale of 7 brown lizards who are safe and happy at home with their parents, King Upinde and Queen Wamvua. The king warns his children to never leave their bonny brown bog. Shortly afterwards, however, Queen Wamvua confides to her 7 children that she has heard there are other colors out there in the world.

The 7 brown lizards decide to go out and see for themselves. One by one, they encounter frogs colored in each of the rainbow’s colors, and learn many new songs. The lizards transform, in fact, changing into different colors.

They return home to and share these experiences with their parents. King Upinde realizes it was wrong to shield his little lizards from the other colors of the world, and learns that “It Takes A Rainbow.”

To listen to some of the songs, click here.