It Takes A Rainbow won Best Music at the 2017 Midtown International Theater Festival — New York City!

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Demo recordings/Live recordings

Below are some live and some demo recordings for illustrative purposes only. See the table below the recordings for complete score information.
Demo performances by Thompson & Russell.
Live performances by Taisiya Pushkar, piano, Tom Corea, percussion

“Where All Is Brown”

King Upinde, Queen Wamvua, and their 7 little lizards celebrate life safe at home.
“Our bonny bog’s the best!”

“Take A Look and Leap!”

The little lizards decide to leave home in search of the colorful world.
“We must be brave! Now is the time!”

LIVE RECORDING at Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York City, August 5, 2017
just the chorus
including the introduction

“When You’re Seein’ Red”

The red frogs sing to the little brown lizards.
“Life starts lookin’ rosy when you’re seein’ red!”

“The Citrus Conga”

The yellow and orange frogs sing to the little brown lizards.
“He is a happy fellow who is bright orange and yellow.”

LIVE RECORDING at Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York City, August 5, 2017

“The World of Green”

The green frogs sing to the little brown lizards.
“If you seek greener pastures…”

“You Gotta Sing the Blues”

The blue and indigo frogs sing to the little brown lizards.
From the bluejays up above, to the sapphire frogs below, you just can’t be unhappy when you’re blue or indigo!”

LIVE RECORDING at Midtown International Theatre Festival, New York City, August 5, 2017

“The Purple-Violet Hoedown”

The purple and violet frogs sing to the little brown lizards.
“You can call ’em violet, mulberry or mauve.”

“It Takes A Rainbow”

The once brown little lizards, now colorful, return home. King Upinde realizes it was wrong to insist his children stay only at home.
“Every color, every hue, has a vibrant point of view. Every color’s truly true; every color is inside of you!”

BONUS: “Ribbit, Ribbit”

Whenever the little lizards meet some new frogs, the frogs are always in the middle of singing this song!
“Ribbit loud, you can’t go wrong!

BONUS: “Take a Look and Leap (The Return Home)”

After the seven little lizards have all changed colors, they decide to return home with this familiar song, with slightly changed lyrics.
“We seek an old place we know!”

It Takes A Rainbow FULL SCORE details

The musical's message of diversity is highlighted with a score that embraces country, Caribbean, blues, and even a conga!

The full score features additional songs (not demo'd above), all which feature soloists and choral ensemble elements. Incidental music for transitions and scene changes is also provided.

It Takes A Rainbow is scored for voice and piano.
1.Upinde Wamvuathe 7 Little Lizard leads
2.Where All is BrownKing Upinde, Queen Wamvua, 7 lizard leads
3.Take a Look and LeapRosetta, Little Lizards
4.Ribbit Everywhere!Red Frogs
5.When You're Seein' RedScarlet, Ruby, Red Frogs
6.Take a Look and Leap REPRISEOran, Yolanda, Little Lizards
7.Seein' Red Exit Music(piano)
8.Ribbit Everywhere! REPRISEYellow and Orange Frogs
9.The Citrus CongaMango, Mustard, Yellow and Orange Frogs
10.Take a Look and Leap REPRISEGrenet, Little Lizards
11.Citrus Conga Exit Music(piano)
12.Ribbit Everywhere! REPRISEGreen Frogs
13.The World of GreenJade, Emerald, Green Frogs
14.Take a Look and Leap REPRISEBlossom, Indy, Little Lizards
15.World of Green Exit Music(piano)
16.Ribbit Everywhere! REPRISEBlue and Indigo Frogs
17.You Gotta Sing the BluesSapphire, Aqua, Blue and Indigo Frogs
18.Take a Look and Leap REPRISEViola, Little Lizards
19.Sing the Blues Exit Music(piano)
20.Ribbit Everywhere! REPRISEViolet Frogs
21.The Violet and Purple HoedownLilac, Mulberry, Violet and Purple Frogs
22.Take a Look and Leap REPRISELittle Lizards
23.Violet and Purple Exit Music(piano)
24.It Takes A RainbowKing Upinde, Queen Wamvua, company