It’s a “box office home run”

…according to the Midtown International Theatre Festival (New York City), where the show enjoyed a sold out run in 2017.

It Takes a Rainbow

  • …is a one-act musical about 45 minutes long
  • …is aimed to ages 4-9, but appeals to all
  • …features timely social themes
  • …has easy-to-learn vocals
  • …requires minimal set & production requirements

Without ever being the least bit preachy, the show’s message of diversity and acceptance has broad appeal to any audience. This is reflected in a multicultural score that ranges from country hoedown to sassy blues.

Although the show was written for younger audiences and performers, It Takes A Rainbow‘s has been performed by adults, children, and a mix of ages. Its message of inclusiveness works across many communities.

For a plot synopsis, click here.

Written and composed by Thompson & Russell, “one of the leading teams of writers of theatre for young audiences,” according to